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Ei Classic

Ei Classic

After years of development and researching the must haves for pool owners, Zodiac Next Generation of Chlorinators has arrived. Absolutely feature packed and combines the essentials of pool automation with premium level pool water chemistry management.

Product Features & Specifications

For which pools?

New or existing pools

Pool type?

All types of in-ground pools and all surfaces

“Boost” function

to quickly increase chlorine production when needed

Automatic treatment using salt water electrolysis

for unbeatable efficiency and swimming

Recommended Pool Size '000L Ei Classic Mini (60 000L) | Ei Classic Midi (100 000L)
Models Ei Classic Mini, Ei Classic Midi
Nominal Chlorine Production Ei Classic Mini (12g/h) |Ei Classic Midi (20g/h)
Normal Output Current Ei Classic Mini (2.5A) | Ei Classic Midi (4.0A)
Equipment control Filter Pump: Any single speed pump or Zodiac Variable Speed pump. | Lights: Any single colour light or any Zodiac sequence multi-coloured light.
Salinity Required Ei Classic Mini (4g/L) | Ei Classic Midi (4g/L)
Cell Housing Transparent
Interface LED's
Power Consumption Ei Classic Mini (70W) | Ei Classic Midi (110W)
Reverse Polarity Every 5 hours
Warranty 2yrs Manufacturing and Defects Warranty