FloPro Sand Filters

Flo Pro S Series Fibreglass Sand Filters is an essential component of every pool. The most common type of filter sold in South Africa are sand filters. Sand filters strain the water, filtering out impurities. These impurities eventually clog up the sand, which should be cleared every 6-8 weeks using a process called backwashing. Sand filters are simple to operate and maintain, and only need to be cleaned once or twice a season.

Product Features & Specifications


Ergonomic palm shape handle for easy operation

An oil filled pressure gauge for easy inspection of operating pressure

Quality inspected

All Filters are quality inspected and factory pressure tested at 400kpa

Universal standard of union connection provided

Suggested Installation Domestic In-ground and above ground pool / hot spa tub
Suggested size of media 0.5 - 0.8mm
A large sight indicator glass for clear backwash inspection
Max operating pressure 36 psi / 2.5 bar
Max temperature 43°C (109°F)
Furthermore, these Filters come with a 5 Year Warranty on the Tank and 1 Year Warranty on all other components.