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VX55 4WD


The Vortex-Pro VX55 4WD is a cut above the rest, engineered to provide the ultimate pool cleaning experience. The VX55 4WD is equipped with the best technology the industry has to offer, making pool cleaning easier, ultra- efficient and fun!

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Product Features & Specifications

Large and easy to clean filter canister

Never touch debris again thanks to the easy access and hygienic design of the filter canister. Clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes with minimum fuss.

Energy Efficient

150 Watts/Hour energy consumption (less than a LCD TV)

Inbuilt intelligence for optimal cleaning

The ActivMotion sensor allows the cleaner to automatically sense its position in the pool and adapt its path for optimized cleaning while reducing cord tangling.

3 Year

Manufacturing Defects Warranty

Technology Robotic Pool Cleaner
Automotive drive system 4-wheel drive
Installation / Start-up Plug & Play
Cleaning cycle 1h30 / 2h30 / 3h30
Energy consumption 150 Watts/hour
Weight 9.5Kg
Cable length 21 m
In-ground pools Recommended for max. 15m x 7m
All Shapes Rectangular, oval, round, free form
All bottoms Flat, gentle slope, varying slope, diamond point
Climbs walls Yes