The ZS500 is and intelligent heat pump that features variable speed technology. This function is called Heat Select.

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Product Features & Specifications

Boost Mode

Ideal at the beginning of the season, when the water is still cold. It uses 100% of the heat pumps capability to quickly heat the water

Eco silence Mode

Silent heating with the lowest cost. Ideal for maintaining the temperature in all seasons. This mode uses 50 to 75% of the pump’s capabilities, guaranteeing silence, energy savings and performance

Smart Mode

Intelligent, worry free heating. The ideal compromise all year round. This mode regulates your pool’s temperature automatically and independently. The heat pump adjusts its strength from 50 to 100% depending on requirements, while limiting energy consumption

Part number WH00002, WH00004
Description ZS500 – 12kW, ZS500 – 15kW
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